Go Streaking!

It’s a Powerful Way to Create a Body of Work

Reed H. Steele
3 min readSep 6, 2022


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In January, I committed to a weekly newsletter.

It’s now September.

My typical routine is to start noodling on an idea on Monday, sit down at my computer on Tuesday morning to get a first draft done, and then use Wednesday or Thursday to fine-tune the newsletter before I hit “Send to Recipients”.

It’s been fun to build consistency around this little goal — this commitment — of mine.

The consistency has helped with the momentum.

I haven’t wanted to break my streak.

For me, there’s a sense of pride that has come with the consistency — that comes with the building of a streak.

Streaks Are Powerful

When I was in graduate school, I used to set yearly goals for the number of days that I wanted to work out in a year.

It was pretty simple: In January, I would create a Word document that had a numbered list indicating the total number of days that I was allowed to miss a workout throughout the year. I would then tape it up on the side of my bookshelf so that it was the first thing I would see in the morning when I woke up — a constant reminder of what I was striving to achieve.

I kept a pen on the top of the bookshelf and when I missed a workout, I would write down the date that I missed.

This was a huge driver.

There were days when I would be exhausted…

…there were days when all sorts of things would go wrong throughout the day…

…there were days when I didn’t feel good…

…and there were days when I simply hated everything about working out.

But, striving for consistency — striving for building a streak — helped me to overcome all sorts of barriers that reared their heads.

I remember getting so much satisfaction when I would see a three month or more gap between missed workouts.



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